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Quick Pay Day Loans Up to $3000

Apply online for Payday  Loans - 24 Hrs - 7 Days

To be eligible for an short term loan you must:

Have some security (if required) for Loans over $2000 or a co-borrower
Be 18 years or older
Be an Australian citizen
Be able to have the capacity to repay the loan
Be on a Centrelink Pension and or have Casual Employment (minimum)
Have been employed with your current employer for a minimum of three (3) months and earning a minimum of $400 net per week full-time or a minimum $240 net per week working part-time or casual
Have a personal bank or credit account in your own name for a minimum of (3) months
Have lived at your principle place of residence for a minimum of three (3) months
Have a valid email account

If you fulfill this criteria to apply for a online loan simply follow the following steps:

1. Membership Application Form: Complete the online Membership Application Form below and send via the submit button. It emails  Quick Ca$h Loans
2. I.D. Documents:

Clearly and legibly photocopy a minimum of 100 points of identification, including at least:

1) One (1) photo I.D. (e.g. drivers license, passport)

 2) Two (2) I.D. as proof of current residential address no more than 30 days old

(e.g. utilities bill, rental receipt, lease agreement, phone bill,)

If you are unsure of the value of any I.D. documents please
click here

3. Pay Slips: Clearly and legibly photocopy / scan 2 most recent pay slips
4. Bank Statement: Please supply 2 most recent bank statements (2 Months) from the account into which you get paid from your employer.
5. Application Processing: You will be contacted within 3 Business Hours. Please have you mobile turned on !

You will be instructed on how to send your supporting documents.

On receipt of all required documents, as outlined above, your application will be processed and the Funding ($$$) will be deposited straight into your bank within 24Hrs.

It's that Simple !

If you do not receive a phone call, email or TXT message from one of our staff within this period call:

1300 LOAN US

Please fill out the form entirely so we have enough information to easily contact you.

Please note that all items highlighted in green are required (mandatory)!

Your Contact Details:
*First Name: *Family Name:
Middle Name: Gender:
Home Phone: *Mobile Phone:
Work Phone: Home Fax:
Preferred: How did hear about us?:
*Email Address:
Loan Details:
Desired Amount $: Up to a maximum amount of $10,000 (loan term up to 12 months)
Reason for Loan:
Personal Information:
Marital Status: Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:   eg. 23/06/2001
Address Details:
Unit Number:
*Street Number:
*City/Suburb: State:
*Postcode: Country:
*Months at this address: Rent/Own/Board:
Driver's Licence#: Drivers Licence State:
Employment Status:    

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Quick Cash Loans is not a provider of online payday loans. We simply connect people seeking online cash advances with a payday loan provider that provides loans of up to $1500.

 *We will match you with the best payday loan and cash advance lender in your state based on your application. Not all lenders can provide up to $1500.
We are proud to be the .com for payday loans with a good reputation for connecting customers to a reliable payday cash advance.

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